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Extra Strength Avinol PM: Product Information

Extra Strength Avinol PM: Product Information

Extra Strength Avinol PM Sleep Aid

If you have really stubborn sleep problems, you may think that only the strongest drugs known to man can get you to sleep at night. But just because a sleep aid doesn't come from a drug store or a pharmacy doesn't mean it can't help you get the restful night's sleep you want. Extra Strength Avinol PM can help induce sleepiness and relaxation in even the most restless of people. It's specifically designed to be powerful and effective without unpleasant side effects or morning-after fatigue.

Extra Strength Avinol PM Ingredients

Your days of being shackled to dangerous, lethargy-inducing pharmaceutical sleep aids are over. Avinol PM Extra Strength delivers the natural relaxation you need in order to fall asleep fast and stay asleep through the night:

  • Melatonin - Melatonin is a sleep hormone that our brains naturally produce when it gets dark at night. But if you're constantly surrounded by bright light, your body won't produce enough, resulting in restlessness and wakefulness.
  • GABA - If anxiety is making you feel wound-up and wide awake at night, you might need more GABA in your brain. This important neurotransmitter helps calm overactive neurons in the brain, making it easier for you to drift into a peaceful slumber.
  • 5-HTP - helps transform other amino acids into melatonin.
  • Lemon Balm Extract - a citrus extract that neutralizes stress-inducing toxins.
  • Chamomile Extract - contains an anti-anxiety flavonoid known as chrysin.
  • Passion Flower - also contains a significant level of chrysin to help boost the effects of chamomile.
  • L-Theanine - helps the brain relax into the natural "alpha wave" state required for restorative rest.
  • Hops - helps promote sedation thanks to its dimethylvinyl carbinol content. Also has hypnotic and anticonvulsant properties.
  • Orange Peel - the citrus flavanols work in tandem with the lemon balm extract to promote restfulness.

Benefits of Avinol PM - Extra Strength

Sleep aids these days - whether prescription or over the counter - aren't much of a solution for your average person's sleep woes. Prescription sleep medication costs time, money, and often comes with a truckload of scary side effects. Most hard working adults are too busy for that nonsense. And while OTC sleeping pills may be cheaper, they're hardly better. Between the next-day lethargy and the dangerous likelihood of dependence, you'll feel almost as bad as if you didn't sleep at all.

So what's the solution? Obviously, you should try a natural sleep aid like Avinol PM Extra Strength first. It's free of the nasty, dangerous side effects that are often associated with prescription pills. It won't leave you zapped of energy the next morning, and you don't need a prescription for it, either. So do your sleep-deprived body a favor and try some Extra Strength Avinol PM today.

Customer Reviews

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5 (Out of 3 Reviews)


Not enough hours in the day...

Since I can't find a salary job with corporate benefits, I have to work longer hours and harder in general as a freelancer in order to make ends meet. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for sleep, and that coupled with constant anxiety about money issues had me almost delirious with sleep deprivation. I tried every medication under the sun, including several Rx's, but they either didn't work or weren't worth how bad I felt the next day. My mother (who's into all that crazy herbalism stuff) gave me some of her Avinol PM stash to try. I slept like a baby that first night and ordered my own supply right away.


A Student's Best Friend

Finals week has always been the bane of my existence. I struggled with it all through highschool, and it only got worse once I got to college. But taking Extra Strength Avinol PM to help me get the sleep I need is a life- (and a grade-) saver, for sure. Without it, I probably would have dropped out a LONG time ago.


Natural is ALWAYS better, no doubt!

The more I learn about all the toxic chemicals and pollutants that exist in the world today, the more desperate I am for safe, natural solutions to my health and wellness problems, which is why I'm so glad I found Avinol PM. I can't take antihistamines (which is the main ingredient in ALL otc sleep meds) and a cousin of mine got into a car wreck and almost died because he was "sleep-driving" while on a prescription sleeping pill his doctor gave him, so I wasn't about to use those to fix my sleepless nights. Avinol works just great for me, and it's natural, too!

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