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Avinol PM and Avinol PM Extra Strength: What's the Difference?

So you see Avinol PM Melt Tabs and Avinol PM Extra Strength. You're likely wondering: what's the difference between these two formulas?

The first difference is how you take them. Not everyone can swallow pills, especially at the end of the day or when heartburn flares up. Avinol PM Melt Tabs are great for these moments. It is a quick dissolve tablet that you put on top of your tongue and suck on for a few seconds until it dissolves away. You don't have to swallow any giant horse pills or put any foul-tasting drops under your tongue. It has a hint of citrus flavor to it.

Avinol PM Extra Strength is not a quick dissolve tablet. It is a pill that you swallow with a full glass of water at night 30 minutes before bed (or before you need to be asleep). Both Avinol PM and Avinol PM Extra Strength are good for promoting rest and relaxation. But the ingredients in the Extra Strength formula are specifically tailored to people who have irregular sleep patterns. Now that you know this helpful information, let's take a closer look at each formula and the ingredients which make it one of the most effective natural sleep aids on the market today.

The Original Avinol PM Formula

Avinol PMThe original Avinol PM formula was invented because, back then, there were very few options as far as safe, effective herbal sleeping supplements were concerned.

There were plenty of dangerous prescription and over the counter sleeping pills on the market - but as most people know, these drugs cause horrible side effects and may even cause long-term damage.

But thanks to the highly-popular ingredients in Avinol PM, this formula can help you relax before bed and improve the quality of rest you get while you sleep.

Just take a look at the ingredients which make Avinol PM unique.


L-theanine is an amino acid which helps people relax. It is also very abundant in high protein foods. When people feel anxious and can not fall asleep, it's usually because they don't have enough gaba in their brain. L-theanine helps the brain produce more gaba and hold on to it for longer, thereby reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Orange Peel

If you've ever been kept awake by an upset stomach, then you'll be relieved to know that this natural digestive aid is a part of the Avinol PM formula. The pleasant scent of orange peel is also popular for aromatherapy and reducing stress.

Avinol PM Extra Strength

Avinol PM Extra StrengthAvinol PM Extra Strength isn't just a more powerful form of the original Avinol PM formula. It's more about intent. If you have a regular sleep schedule - especially if that sleep schedule is in tune with most people's normal circadian rhythm - then Avinol PM is an effective, safe way to help you get better rest. But if you have to sleep at abnormal times due to shift work or jet lag or for any other reason, you'll need the ultimate relaxation which the Avinol PM Extra Strength formula can help give you. You'll get the restorative rest you need whenever you need it to help offset your sleep irregularities. The two most important parts of the Avinol PM Extra Strength ingredients list are gaba and valerian extract.


The original Avinol PM formula uses specific ingredients to help your body make and keep more gaba. The Avinol PM Extra Strength formula hands it to you on a silver platter. The more free-flowing gaba you have in your system, the easier it will be to calm your anxious nerves and get better rest.


Valerian is one of the oldest botanicals that humans have used for medicinal purposes. It's been around for centuries, and sleep promotion is only one of his many talents. There are even double-blind studies out there which proved that it has an 89% efficacy rate!

Both Formulas Are Great for Helping You Sleep - Naturally

Bright light at night - especially from electronic devices like televisions and cell phones - is preventing your brain from producing melatonin the way it should. You should try and limit the amount of artificial light you expose yourself to before bed, but you can also supplement with natural sleep aids like Avinol PM to give your body that much more of the "sleep hormone" it needs to wind down.

Chamomile, like l-theanine, can help your body get more gaba in the brain where it needs it most. It contains botanical compounds which have a direct effect on your nervous system and is only available by prescription in certain parts of Germany. It works synergistically with ingredients like hops and valerian extract to make the effect even more potent.

5-htp is included in both formulas because of how important and potent it is. It is a precursor to both serotonin and melatonin, which are both closely related to sleep hormone regulation. Having healthy amounts of serotonin reduces your stress levels so that you are not awake and anxious in the evening. And we've already talked about melatonin. 5-Htp contains the building blocks for both of these essential compounds.

There's more than one reason why beer makes you sleepy. Hops - which of the main ingredient in most types of beer - contains specific flavonoids that help promote sleep. Even the farm hands who harvest tops need extra long naps during the busy seasons!

One of the best things about Avinol PM and Avinol PM Extra Strength is the way in which their ingredients work synergistically together. Lemon balm is an important component to that synergy. It helps amplify the effects of both hops and chamomile for maximum relaxation and sedation. Furthermore, lemon balm has also been associated with increased alpha wave activity in the human brain. This is the brainwave skate you have to get into in order to fall asleep and transition through a healthy sleep cycle each night.

Did you know that most anti-anxiety medications are laboratory copies of anti-anxiety plants? The drug serax, for example, is the pharmaceutical attempt to reproduce the calming benefits of passion flower. Unfortunately for the drug companies, it's a very poor facsimile. But fortunately for you, passion flower extract is an important component in both Avinol PM and Avinol PM Extra Strength. You can get it in either formula at a highly affordable price.

Whether you're suffering from a regular sleep schedule or trying to improve a more normal one, Avinol PM has something for you. The ingredients are safe, derived from nature, and don't require a prescription. You don't even need an expensive doctor appointment - just order your own supply today so that you can get the blissful, healthful rest you deserve.

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