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Every woman wants beautiful nails. But going to the salon all the time and paying a professional to do it for you can become time-consuming and expensive. Why not skip all the hassle and take care of your manicure at home? With the right products, you can make sure that your nails are always looking their best.

Product #1: Cuticle Oil

Rubbing a good cuticle oil into your nails is the first step to improving their strength, beauty, and overall appearance. When your cuticles get dried out, they may begin cracking and peeling, which leaves your nail vulnerable to weakness and damage. Furthermore, your cuticles protect your nails from dangerous and unsightly infections, so you need them to be healthy and strong.

Any cuticle oil which contains conditioning moisturizers and fatty acids is essential for nail beauty. Our favorite is Visible Science Argan Oil, because it has everything your cuticles need to stay strong, hydrated, and to keep your nails growing strong.

Product #2: A Multivitamin

Sometimes, when you want to make yourself beautiful on the outside, you have to start from the inside. And a good quality multivitamin can do just that. As far as your nail health is concerned, you're going to want to make sure your vitamin contains:

  • Zinc - to eliminate those annoying white spots
  • Vitamins A & C - keeps your nails from looking dry and dull
  • Vitamin B - fortifies your nails to reduce brittleness
  • Iron - iron deficiencies lead to ridges and an uneven nail surface
  • Calcium - just like your teeth, your nails need calcium to stay strong and fortified

You should also make sure you drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. Lastly, consuming more protein and omega-3 fatty acids will benefit the appearance of your nails as well as your overall health.

Product #3: a Solid Top Coat

Top coats are great for several reasons. For starters, they help protect your color polish from the external environment. Every time you so much as wash your hands, brush your nails against a rough surface, or expose them to a polluted environment, you put wear and tear on your nails. If you don't want to keep having to re-apply your favorite color polish constantly (which can be really inconvenient if it's an expensive one), then you're going to want to invest in an affordable but effective top coat.

You will have to re-apply your top coat on a daily basis for best results, but trust us - it's worth it. Good top coats will leave your nails with a shiny gloss finish while evening out any ridges that remain after your base coat and color polish is applied. Oh, speaking of base coats...

Product #4: Don't Forget Your Base Coat!

Lots of people forget about the base coat - or skip it on purpose - and this is a major nail beauty faux pas. A good base coat seals in moisture and protects your natural nail from any polish you paint on top of it. As much as we all hope our polishes are made from safe ingredients that enhance our nails' appearance, too many of them (especially the lower priced ones) actually contain chemicals that dry out and/or stain your natural nail. Drying out your natural nail leads to brittleness and increased breakage. And unless you can apply progressively darker, opaque colors, staining your natural nail is going to leave you stuck with the same color polish for a long while.

Product #5: Nail-Hardening Polish

We didn't lump this type of polish in with the basecoat section - even though most of these products are used as a basecoat - because of their unique formulation. In order to make a good, quality nail hardening polish, you need to make sure it includes some very specific ingredients. You also need to be careful to avoid other, potentially toxic ingredients that are often included in some of the cheaper polishes.

For starters, you're going to want to look for a nail hardener that contains proteins and ethyl acetate. The acetate helps bond the proteins to the surface of your nail, essentially creating a "Lego" effect. The polish plus your natural nail lock together to become one thicker, stronger, solid unit. Some hardeners may include conditioners and calcium for added benefits. But steer clear of hardening polishes that contain formalin or formaldehyde. They may make the nail seem harder at first, but over time the chemicals will eat away at your nail bed. Using them for long periods of time can actually make your nails weaker and more brittle.

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