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What to Look for When Buying Beauty Products for the Best Skin Care

Is your bathroom counter cluttered with so many bottles and jars that knocking one over produces a massive domino effect of spilled products? Or are you relatively new to the skin care world, and looking for some direction? Whether you're here to help minimize the clutter in your beauty regimen, or looking for guidance, we can help you determine which beauty products are an absolute must-have, and which ones you can avoid stressing about!

At the very least, you should have these three basics as an integral part of your daily beauty routine: a moisturizer, an SPF sunscreen, and an anti-wrinkle cream to either help ward off future wrinkles, or reduce the visibility of fine lines you may already have.

But remember: not all beauty products are created equal! And this is especially true for moisturizers. Too many cheap, low-quality products are stuffed with inexpensive chemical fillers that will make your face feel greasy while failing to effectively moisturize the skin. In order to find a truly effective moisturizing cream, you're going to want to look for natural ingredients which are chock-full of antioxidants.

Beauty Products with Antioxidant Formulas

Whether it's your moisturizer, your wrinkle cream, or every single skin product you own, you can't go wrong by infusing your skin with as many antioxidants as possible. Antioxidant compounds are found in the botanical extracts of fruits, trees, and plants. Their organic nature doesn't trigger skin sensitivity the way that synthetic chemicals do, and they effectively neutralize oxidative damage from environmental pollutants.

The more you protect your skin from oxidative damage, the better. Such damage breaks down skin and collagen cells. This eventually leads to premature aging. When your skin cells are damaged, they can't retain moisture as efficiently as they used to, leading to rough, dry skin and wrinkles. Collagen degradation also leads to wrinkles and fine lines, plus saggy skin that can look old before its time.

Beauty Products for Daily Enhancement

As far as sun screens go, anything with an SPF rating of 25-30 should work just fine. Remember, besides a lack of regular moisture, sun damage is the leading cause of skin damage and wrinkles. So protect yourself from those UV rays!

Also, keep in mind that wrinkle creams can have antioxidants in them too; moisturizers aren't the only beauty products for which these botanical ingredients are best suited. But if you want to split the anti-wrinkle duties and the moisturizing among two different products, that's okay too. For example, if you wanted to prevent or erase fine lines with a potent anti-wrinkle cream like Complexion MD and infuse your skin with the moisture-packed ingredients of Visible Science Argan Oil, you'll end up with smooth, firm, radiant skin that all your friends will be asking you about.

For more details on the beauty products that should be on your vanity right now, take a look at our product reviews!

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