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The Ultimate Skin Care and Beauty Strategy

Forget looking disappointedly into the bathroom mirror every morning. Stop begging your friends, relatives, and dewy-faced strangers at the gym for skin care advice. With this handy guide, we can give you quick and easy ways to take the best possible care of your complexion, both in the short and long term.

Long Term Care and Beauty

For youthful looking skin which constantly has people guessing what your true age might be, follow these simple tips:

Daily Maintenance

An effective skin care and beauty regimen starts with routine daily maintenance. You should be washing your face twice daily - once in the morning before starting your regular beauty routine, and once at night to wash away the day's buildup of dirt, oil, and old skin cells. You should also be applying a moisturizer daily before your makeup, but after cleansing. If you can find a moisturizing cream with an SPF, that's even better. Which brings us to our next point...

Prevent Damage Before it Starts

Environmental factors are one of the biggest wrinkle contributors out there. By far, the biggest and brightest environmental threat to youthful skin is the sun. So anything you can do to protect your face from UV damage - whether you cover up, stick to the shade, or apply a moisturizer with a high SPF - is essential for reserving the smooth, firm look of your skin. Also, smokers should watch out! Not only does the constant puckering motion of inhaling from a cigarette create wrinkles around your mouth, but the smoke itself is highly toxic and damaging.

H 2 Oh, Yes!

Making sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day is not just great for your overall health, but fantastic for keeping your skin moisturized and healthy. Instead of worrying about exact quantities, just keep a bottle of water by your side and casually sip throughout the day. Refill it as necessary. Keeping a balanced and even level of hydration in your body at all times will keep your complexion youthful and glowing.

Skin Care and Beauty: Short-Term Quick Fixes

Even following all of the long-term care advice above, your skin is bound to have an off day every once in a while. Sure, you could try to cover it up with a mountain of makeup and concealer, but who wants to spend all the time and effort on such a project? The real answer to your skin's "off day" problem is to make sure you have a good, reliable skin plumper as a part of your skin care and beauty regimen.

High-quality skin plumpers, such as Aquallure, infuse and "plump" your skin with much-needed moisture, effectively smoothing out tired, sagging skin for a full 24 hours. Your fine lines will disappear shortly after applying your first treatment, and your skin will stay smooth all day long. It can also dramatically reduce the visibility of deeper-set wrinkles! Learn more.

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