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Best Products for Damaged Hair

If you're like most women, your hair is frazzled, frizzy, dry to the touch, and plagued with split ends. So what's a girl to do when dealing with damaged hair? Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of solutions out there for women with "The Frizzies". And you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for overpriced salon treatments as long as you find the right product. Take a look below at our suggestions for improving the look and feel of your damaged hair.

Shampoos and Conditioners Designed to Combat Styling Damage

Washing and conditioning your hair is the first (and second) step towards repairing damaged hair. If you have the right shampoo and conditioner, it should help repair the damaged cuticle which is responsible for the look of dry, frizzy hair. Also, it should protect against the things that will cause more damage to your locks in the future.

Let's start with your shampoo. The main purpose of a good shampoo is to wash away buildup from hair products, dirt, and oil while also protecting the scalp and the roots of your hair from damage and dryness. If your shampoo is too effective, it will wash away the nourishing sebum that your hair follicles naturally produce. Or worse - you could end up with a dry, itchy scalp and a nasty case of dandruff. But if your shampoo is too weak, your hair will remain greasy and limp unless you wash it multiple times.

Next, you want to make sure you invest in a good conditioner as well. Your conditioner should have a few more moisturizing ingredients in it than your shampoo. But, like your shampoo, you don't want to get a conditioner that's too effective either. Conditioning your hair with too many moisturizers may leave it looking oily and feeling heavy. The goal is to have bouncy, shiny locks. Too much conditioner can prevent you from achieving this look.

Lastly, try not to mix and match different brands of shampoo. It can even be a gamble to mix different product lines from the same brand. Most beauty vendors specifically formulate their shampoo and conditioner to work in tandem with one another. And if you're trying to mix and match, you may end up with a big ol' mess.

Choosing the Right Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are great for repairing damaged hair because they are the shield between clean, freshly conditioned hair and the barrage of heat styling which damages hair the most. Between blow drying, flat irons, curlers, and more, styling your hair without a leave in conditioner is like riding a bike without a helmet. Serious damage is almost inevitable.

Try to look for leaving conditioners whose active ingredients react when exposed to heat. There are many products out there designed to protect damaged strands and seal the cuticle when you blow dry or otherwise heat style. Damage occurs most often when the cuticle of each hair strand gets frayed. But sealing the cuticle, especially when you're about to expose it to extreme heat, can give your hair that shiny, strong, glossy look that every woman desires.

Ingredients to Look for and Products Designed for Damaged Hair

For starters, natural plant extracts are great for repairing damaged hair. These extracts contain specific antioxidant compounds which can prevent damage associated with exposure to harsh sunlight and pollutants in the atmosphere. The more extracts, the better.

Next, you want to look for light moisturizing oils such as shea butter and/or argan oil. Not only are these oils great for moisturizing and sealing a damaged cuticle, but there are a great way to improve shine and body without weighing your hair down and making it feel greasy.

Finally, if you want to heal a damaged cuticle and fortify it to be strong enough to withstand heat and environmental damage, you should look for a conditioning product with hydrolyzed protein. When you don't get enough protein in your diet, sometimes your hair grows out of the follicle with an incomplete protein matrix. This can lead to cuticle breakage which makes hair feel dry and look frizzy. Leave-in conditioners with hydrolyzed protein are specifically formulated to help your hair soak up the essential amino acids required to repair it.

Damage from heat styling and the occasional frizz are a natural part of life for most women. But they don't have to be! If you follow our advice and look for the right products for your damaged hair, you can have bouncy, shiny, soft and beautiful hair that will turn everyone's head.

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