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Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray: Product Information

Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray: Product Information


Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray is the ideal way to create the perfect, relaxing environment every night. Just a few sprays on your pillowcase at night can utilize the power of scent to help you create the right mood. This spray contains all natural ingredients which are known to help relieve anxiety and calm your mind so that you can get the beauty sleep you deserve.

Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray Ingredients

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice which has been utilized for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Homeopathic healers have known for centuries that the right scents and smells can have a very strong influence on your mind and your emotions. Based on common homeopathic practices which have been known to help people relax, the Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray contains the following ingredients:

  • Lavender Extract - You really can't have an aromatherapy treatment designed for sleep that does not contain lavender essential oil. The extracts from this beautiful purple flower have been known to promote relaxation and calm feelings in the mind for centuries. It's one of the most common essential oils used to help people relax and feel sleepy.
  • Orange Oil - This clean, fresh scent is an essential oil renowned for its botanical benefits. Certain compounds in the oil help promote feelings of relaxation by increasing endorphins in your brain.
  • Ylang Ylang Flower Oil - The beautiful, tropical flowers and the Asian tree are a little-known Malaysian secret. locals have been using this essential oil for hundreds of years to eliminate stress and create a relaxing space.
  • Vetiver Oil - Vetiver oil is another essential oil which is a popular treatment for stress relief. This natural extract works well together with the other scents to help make you feel relaxed and ready for bed at night.
  • Chamomile Extract - Chamomile is one of the most popular herbal treatments for sleepless nights and anxiety reduction. It helps your brain release more GABA, which increases feelings of happiness that can help you have fewer sleepless nights.

Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray Benefits

The Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray has a great number of benefits for anyone who needs to catch up on their lost beauty sleep. It's a safe, natural alternative to other harsh, chemical sleep remedies which can disrupt your natural sleep cycle. This spray contains essential oils extracted from plants all over the world in order to make the strongest, most effective aromatherapy treatment available. And it's simple to use - just spray a little bit around your sleeping environment to create the ambience that is ideal for a perfect night's rest.

Does Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray work?

Too many sleepless nights can create a nightmare of facial blemishes that are hard to cover up. So many people waste of time and money on expensive makeup - not to mention wasting precious time in the morning with an extra extensive beauty routine - just to cover up the obvious deficit that's literally all over your face. But if you prevent that sleep deficit before it even starts in the first place, you can make sure you get your beauty sleep each night. Just a few sprays of the Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray on your sheets at night can create the relaxing environment you need to get the beauty sleep that your body needs.

Customer Reviews

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5 (Out of 5 Reviews)


This is absolutely the best sleep spray I've ever tried. And I tried a lot! After some disappointing product reviews and not so great recommendations from friends, I found sleep sprays that smelled really good, but I was still tossing and turning at night. Finally, I stumbled upon the Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray and it actually did the trick. Now all of my friends are taking my recommendations instead of giving them out.


I didn't think some frou-frou flower spray could ever help me relax at night before bed. It always sounded like hippie stuff and mumbo-jumbo. But then my wife started using this on her side of the bed, and it helped both of us sleep better and longer throughout the night. I even have a secret stash of the stuff I take with me when I have to travel for work - I can't seem to fall asleep without it anymore.


I was going through a really stressful time (divorce is the worst!!!) And I was having a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night. Just like they said in this review, you could see it all over my face - the dark circles, the horrible complexion, and my skin even started mysteriously drying out more often. But this sleep spray, in addition to some other things I was doing to help me relax, was fantastic for helping me fall asleep quickly instead of tossing and turning at night.


The spray is great and it smells really good, too. It definitely did help me feel more relaxed at night. My biggest problem has always been falling asleep in the first place. Once that happens, I can sleep like a log. and when I spray the stuff on my pillow, it feels like I instantly float away to Dreamland.


Yeah, you wouldn't think that someone who literally lives in Paradise would have any trouble sleeping at night - but you'd be wrong. I was going through a lot of stress at work (who doesn't these days? Am I right?) And it was cutting in on my beauty sleep, too. But once I started using the spray, it got a lot easier to fall asleep at night and I started waking up less in the middle of the night. Finally, people have stopped asking me "are you okay?" It feels great!

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