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Elegant Smile Product Information

Elegant Smile Product Information

Elegant Smile Description

Have you ever wanted one of those brilliantly white smiles where your whole face glows simply because your teeth are so pearly? With Elegant Smile, an innovative product that uses the same tried-and-true whitening formula developed and used by leading cosmetic dentists, you can have that "million dollar smile" today right in the comfort of your own home.

Elegant Smile might just be the easiest route to that beautiful, pearly white smile you've always wanted. There isn't a more powerful or effective tooth whitening product available on the market today. If you want to whiten your teeth at home, then this is it. Elegant Smile blends the power of a dentist's formula in a take-home gel that comes inside a bottle. The product comes in a kit that allows you to give yourself "treatments" and whiten your teeth until they are at the desired pearly shade. The teeth whitening results will show up after your first application. It's a lot easier and more convenient than scheduling those time-killing appointments at the dentist.

Elegant Smile Key Ingredients

Elegant Smile is one of the few products available that uses a dentist-approved formulation that comes in such a high strength. The professional-strength ingredients combine more than a few active ingredients for the best results possible, including carbamide peroxide, ethyl alcohol, peppermint essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol and more.

Carbamide Peroxide

This is the ultimate of all the key ingredients in Elegant Smile, and is the cosmetic dentist's secret to brilliantly white teeth. This effective ingredient, in combination with the other key ingredients, relentlessly finds and removes discoloration from the deepest layer of teeth enamel.

Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol removes all bacteria from the enamel of your teeth, creating what is commonly called an "army of bleaching" right inside your mouth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Also a bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide has a potent whitening effect on your teeth. It works to bring about immediate brightening.

Propylene glycol

This is an ingredient not commonly found in your typical drugstore teeth whitening kit. It works to bring about maximum teeth whitening effects, and is commonly used in the dentist's office.

Elegant Smile Directions

The first step when you receive your Elegant Smile treatment kit is to size the dental trays to your teeth. You can mold the trays to your mouth by placing them in boiling water and then quickly placing them over your teeth. They will instantly custom-mold Elegant Smile to the shape of your teeth. Once this step is complete, brush and floss your teeth. Place a drop of the Elegant Smile gel inside each tooth compartment in your dental tray, and place trays over your teeth. If any gel oozes out onto your gums, remove it. Wear the dental trays for at least 30 minutes. Remove the trays afterwards and rinse the excess gel. Brush your teeth again and rinse out the trays. Your first treatment is complete! Continue on with a treatment no more than once per day until you reach the desired level of whiteness. You should see full results after 12 treatments. We also recommend using the gel 3 times per week for 4 weeks, but you may increase the time between bleaching sessions if you notice sensitivity.

When you order the Elegant Smile kit from My Elegant Smile, it's important to carefully read and follow full directions before you start the treatment.

Elegant Smile Full Ingredient List

Elegant Smile utilizes the following ingredients to bring about a beautiful, pearly glow to your teeth:

Ethyl alcohol, carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol, glycerine, carbomer, triethanolamine, and peppermint essential oil.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:  

4.9 (Out of 5 Reviews)


Elegant Smile worked for me

Elegant Smile worked for me. This is especially amazing considering that I was a smoker for nearly 18 years, and a coffee drinker for even longer.


I saw an amazing difference with Elegant Smile

After using whitening toothpaste for a while with only moderate levels of success, I decided to get something a little more serious to whiten my teeth. There was nothing more rewarding to me than seeing a difference after having used Elegant Smile for only a few days.


Elegant Smile was better than going to a dentist

Elegant Smile was better than going to a dentist - I work way too much, and run around too much with my kids to be able to go to a cosmetic dentist for whitening treatments. The price was way better, too.


I got results almost instantly with Elegant Smile

I got results almost instantly with Elegant Smile - now my husband jokes with me about my "movie star" smile.


Elegant Smile is easily the most professional solution

There are so many ways to whiten your teeth at home these days, but Elegant Smile is easily the most professional and effective solution that I have used. This is the real deal, people. I'll say it again, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL, PEOPLE.

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