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Product Info: Keto XS

Product Info: Keto XS

What Is Keto XS?

One of the most popular diets people are on these days is The Ketogenic Diet. It's one of the simpler diets out there, and it focuses on the three major macronutrients: dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates. More specifically, people are supposed to get their greatest caloric intake from healthy fats followed by a moderate amount of organic, grass-fed protein. Carbohydrate intake is extremely limited, and should only come from whole food sources like vegetables, fruit, or unrefined whole grains. So unlike more simplistic dieting systems where calories are tracked by "points" or some other arbitrary metric, there's an equal emphasis on both the quality of the food you eat as well as the amount of it you consume.

So why aren't more people adhering to this new eating plan? Well, to be perfectly frank, converting to a ketogenic diet can be a painful process. If you quit eating refined carbs overnight, it can force your body to go through something affectionately nicknamed the "keto flu". As we're sure you can guess by the nickname, it's a series of symptoms that make you feel lethargic, achy, and miserable. But supplements like Keto XS will help make the transition much easier for your body. You'll get into ketosis faster, you'll start burning fat right away, and you'll see your waistline shrink dramatically faster than you would on a regular keto diet alone.

Keto XS Ingredients

The most effective ketogenic diet supplements on the market contain Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid (BHB) which is bound to one form or another of an electrolyte salt. This is important for two reasons. One, whenever you go on any diet - but with a ketogenic diet especially - you lose essential electrolytes when you flush away water weight. Secondly, your body more easily and efficiently absorbs and processes the BHB than it would in any other form. The main BHB salts in Keto XS are:

Magnesium BHB

Two of the worst keto flu side effects are muscle cramps and sleep troubles. This is caused by a lack of magnesium. The Magnesium BHB salts in Keto XS dramatically help you avoid these.

Calcium BHB

Calcium has been proven to accelerate weight loss independent of other factors. It's also great for strong teeth and bones.

Sodium BHB

Any diet that cuts carbs - The Ketogenic Diet included - will purge sodium from your body. Contrary to what you may have been told, sodium itself is not bad for you; it's only unhealthy when you get too much or too little of it. The sodium in Keto XS will help deliver more BHB into your system and keep your sodium levels balanced in a healthy way.

Amazing Benefits of Keto XS

A regular ketogenic diet can help you burn off massive amounts of body fat, but it takes time to get started and to move past the "keto flu" phase. Keto XS allows you to bypass this unfortunate transition period and get straight to burning fat. It'll give you tons of energy, it'll melt away pounds of body fat from around your waist, and it'll even make your brain healthier! In addition to helping your body burn more fat, ketones are brain food which help improve your memory, cognitive function, and keep you sharp. Whether you're new to The Ketogenic Diet or whether you want to get past a weight loss plateau, Keto XS can help you do it.

Customer Reviews

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5 (Out of 4 Reviews)


I Love My New Waist

I always had a decent body shape until I hit college. Then the dreaded freshman 15 hit me like a mack truck multiple times. I tried all sorts of different diets, but nothing seemed to work. I even tried to go keto several times, but my body just couldn't take it. Once I started supplementing with Keto XS, however, that all changed! My body transitioned into ketosis without any problems at all, and the first place I started noticing weight loss was around my belly. My closet is now full of dresses, cinch belts, and hip hugging skirts that accentuate my new, beautiful figure. And I don't think it would have ever happened without Keto XS.


The Keto Flu Almost Kept Me Fat

Like the girl above me^ wrote, the horrible symptoms of the keto flu kept me from getting into The Ketogenic Diet at first. I was tired all the time, every bone in my body ached, I was moody, I couldn't sleep, and everybody started asking me if I was sick. A friend of mine at the office recommended I take Keto XS to help make the transition easier for my body. A month later, I surprised her at work with a batch of keto friendly peanut butter cookies as a thank you. It worked great, and I've dropped four whole dress sizes since I started!


It Helps Me Keep up With My Girlfriends

Me and some of my girlfriends from book club decided to try The Ketogenic Diet. I had a lot of trouble giving up my favorite foods at first - cupcakes, ice cream, and donuts, oh my! - and wasn't really seeing any weight loss even though the fat was melting off their bodies at the speed of light. I found Keto XS and discovered that my body would still melt away fat even with the occasional cheat meal. Their dietary restrictions are making them miserable, but I get to have the best of both worlds - weight loss, and the occasional delicious snack here and there - thanks to Keto XS.


No Longer Hiding from Family and Friends

When I first started keto, I had fantastic success. Unfortunately, I found myself choosing more often than not to isolate myself from family and friends because I knew I would be tempted to eat non-keto food. Eventually, I got so lonely that it actually started to affect my mood. Thankfully, Keto XS has saved my social life. If I want to have dinner with family or go out with friends a couple of times a week, all I have to do is make sure I take my Keto XS so that I can stay in ketosis and maintain my healthy shape. Thank you, Keto XS!

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