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Used RevitaGen to get rid of stretch marks

As a proud mother of three, I would never trade my children for the world, but I have always wanted to get rid of the resulting stretch marks I acquired post pregnancy. Well, months after using RevitaGen I have seen a marked improvement in the appearance of the marks. I was hopeful, but unsure when I first started because the marks are several years old and kind of silvery, but the cream really caused a reduction. I am very excited and will continue to use RevitaGen to improve my stretch marks.


RevitaGen worked for body builder stretch marks

I am a body builder who made tremendous gains not only in muscles, but in stretch marks, especially around the shoulder and deltoid areas. Most products are geared towards pregnant women and the few items made for men do not work, as far as I could tell. My girlfriend uses RevitaGen, and told me it worked for her after the birth of her son. Seeing her flawless skin, I decided to give it a shot and the change in the marks have been remarkable. RevitaGen is a wonder product and I have told all the guys in the gym about it. We may even pitch in to purchase bulk orders in the future so we can have them handy!


RevitaGen has allowed me to regain my confidence

During my entire pregnancy, I was lucky not to have suffered one stretch mark, post pregnancy however was a different story. My son, Alexander is now just eleven-months-old, but I felt as if the marks were the only thing people saw when they looked at me. RevitaGen has allowed me to regain my confidence by getting rid of my worse stretch marks in just a few months. I had bad marks even on my underarms, but even these are mitigated and I can wear short sleeves again.


I am wholly confident that RevitaGen will get rid of remaining marks

People don't think of guys getting stretch marks, but we can, especially if we gain a ton of weight really fast. I was proud of my weight loss but didn't know what to do about the stretch marks that seemed to be all over my body. I ordered RevitaGen and after several months the stretch marks are barely perceptible, I am wholly confident that RevitaGen will get rid of the remaining marks. They have gone down tremendously already and I feel great in my own skin!


RevitaGen is amazing for removing stretch marks

RevitaGen is amazing - two tubes down and I can't even locate the stretch marks that were on my stomach. This is truly exceptional considering the fact that I have had these marks for years! Unlike most women, I can't say for sure where they came from, but I never really liked them. RevitaGen has taken care of one of the things I didn't like about my body!