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RevitaLume works fast!

I saw a difference the very next day and my dark circles were completely gone after a week. I just wish I had come across this product sooner, as I have wasted hundreds of dollars on under eye creams that did nothing but leave my face feeling greasy. RevitaLume has a great smell and isn't heavy at all. I feel as if I look ten years younger and my hubby agrees!


RevitaLume has Great Customer Service

I am always nervous about ordering things online due to a couple of bad experiences however, when I contacted the 1- 800 - number I actually got a real person. With other online purchases where I had problems, all I receive was an auto response to an email query. It was very good to hear a human voice on the other line and have my concerns addressed. I ordered RevitaLume and it came in record time. I have been using it for six weeks with dramatic results. I will happily use RevitaLume in the future and tell other women to do the same.


Not only does RevitaLume work, but ordering...

Wow! Not only did RevitaLume get rid of my dark circles fast, but ordering was a breeze! I also liked, which was easy to navigate and find pertinent information. You can't say that about very many products these days. RevitaLume cream also arrived quickly. I am very impressed with the product as well as the quality service.


I came across RevitaLume during an online search

For as long as I could remember I have had dark circles. My relatives and even a few doctors told me that there was very little that I could do besides wear concealers. Thing is, I am very fair skinned and concealers never match my skin tone. I came across RevitaLume during an online search and on a hunch I gave it a try. Boy I'm glad I did! This product worked almost instantly on my dark circles-it was amazing! I will admit I almost cried. Thanks so much for this product-don't ever stop making it.


RevitaLume gets rid of wrinkles as well as dark circles

Just from what I read from other reviews, I am so glad that RevitaLume was my first leap into buying an eye cream to fade dark circles. For years I have been hesitant to try a product like RevitaLume based on the horror stories from friends who paid tons of money with no results. I finally decided to take a leap of faith after finding RevitaLume via an internet search. Not only did it get rid of dark circles, but the lines beneath my eyes are diminished. After about a month the area feels firmer and looks even younger. My friends can't hate because I turned them on to RevitaLume too!