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Pop quiz: do you know what the largest organ in your body is? Well, this may come as a surprise, but it's your skin. As the largest and most visible organ you have, exercising proper skin care is not just crucial to your daily beauty routine, but also your overall health. Below, we'll give you some helpful hints and tips for maintaining the healthiest, most beautiful skin from head to toe.

Stay hydrated!

Staying well-hydrated is one of the most important things you can do in the name of skin care. You've probably been told for years that drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is the key for proper hydration. If you work out frequently, you will need to consume more water in order to stay fully hydrated. When you don't have enough moisture circulating through your skin, it can result in anything from over-drying and flakiness to chapped, cracked skin and premature wrinkle formation.

In addition to making sure you drink enough water, try to incorporate foods into your diet which contain a high water volume. Examples include pretty much any fruit (apples, oranges, watermelon, etc.) and high-fiber vegetables, such as celery, and most soups.

But keep in mind that the skin above your neck is constantly exposed to the elements, 24/7, and might need a little extra help to avoid excessive dryness. That's why most skin care experts recommend that you protect your face with a high-potency moisturizing cream such as Complexion MD.

Complexion MD is a clinically formulated, heavy-duty moisturizing cream that works to enhance the look and feel of your skin. Even on days where you don't drink enough water, Complexion MD will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. It also helps counteract environmental damage with strong polypeptides and natural extracts. These peptides are great for restoring the collagen matrix, firming the skin, and erasing fine lines.

Hair, Skin, and Nails, Oh My!

Everyone wants beautiful hair, skin, and nails. But sometimes, those can be hard to come by. Daily wear and tear can destroy your nails (especially natural nails). Constant styling, no matter how good your hair products are, will usually dry out your tresses and lead to split ends. .

But don't despair; there are plenty of things you can do to preserve your nails and improve the condition of your hair. You could fortify nails with a topcoat (either clear or colored) in order to make them more resilient to breakage. As far as your locks go, there are many different natural oils and deep conditioning treatments available. Some of them are pretty good for restoring moisture and making your hair shiny. Unfortunately, many of them just end up making your hair look greasy and lifeless.

But there's a special type of oil that is perfect for fortifying both hair and nails. It's called argan oil, and it's the newest beauty craze imported straight from Morocco. It can be pretty hard to get, though, since it's extracted by hand from native villagers who farm the argan trees. But pure, inexpensive argan oil products like Visible Science Argan Oil are an affordable option. Visible Science Argan Oil (VSAO for short) moisturizes hair without leaving it oily or limp. And it's great for hydrating your cuticles. Most people don't know this, but if your cuticles are well-moisturized, you will grow strong, unbreakable nails.

The Importance of an Even Complexion

Having an even skin tone is a wonderful blessing which is usually wasted on the young. As you age, all sorts of skin blemishes start to appear on your face. They range from age spots (sometimes known as liver spots) to dark under-eye circles to random discolorations, and more.

Keeping your skin properly moisturized and exfoliated will make a significant impact on how young and healthy it looks. But these alone won't completely eliminate the signs of an uneven skin tone. Thankfully, there are hydroquinone-free complexion enhancers which can help with age-related blemishes. PS: in case you didn't know, hydroquinone is a chemical used to brighten skin, but it often causes severe irritation and even burning sensations.

Luckily, there are skin-enhancing products which are designed to improve your natural glow while reversing the discolorations deep within your cells. One of the best formulas out there is called Secret Bright. What's its secret, you ask? It's one of the most potent skin brightening formulas out there, and it uses all-natural ingredients (like black licorice extract) to improve your skin tone.

If you're ready to enhance your skin care routine, take a look at our top picks for hydration, exfoliation, and complexion enhancement. And enjoy your new radiant skin!

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