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Staying Young And The Importance Of Sleep

Good Night Sleep

Even though getting enough quality sleep is not one of the most sexy topics to talk about there is no denying that those who do get the sleep that they require end up brighter, more vital and looking and feeling much better than they would if they did not. So, if you are one of those among us who are always finding yourself wishing that you could get more sleep and you are beginning to realize that this lack of solid sleep is beginning to show in the way that you look, act and feel it might be time to take a closer look at the way you are living and how you might go about making the right kind of changes in your life to get yourself to where you want to be.

Sleep And The Fountain Of Youth

A key factor in looking, acting and feeling young is not only getting sleep or lots of it but in getting the right kind of sleep. Yes, it's not enough to just get a lot of sleep but also the type of sleep that allows the brain to recover from the stresses of everyday conscious living. This allows the brain to concentrate its efforts on helping every part of the body to recover from the stresses of everyday life and renew itself in ways that are critical to its proper functioning.

One of the key factors in this discussion has to do with creating the conditions for a good night's sleep. This means providing your body and your brain with a proper environment including a truly dark atmosphere which allows the eyes to, in a way, power down and stop feeding unwanted signals or information to the brain which inhibits its ability to go into regenerative mode. Another thing which is helpful is to have a room temperature which is low enough to help the body relax and take additional strain off of the brain. This also helps the body to retain and even increase its ability to produce melatonin which is a critical all-natural chemical for sleep. If air conditioning is unavailable then an electric fan or natural breeze is recommended, when possible.

It is also widely accepted that just being a woman can have a deeper impact on getting the right amount of proper sleep as having to deal with menstrual cycles can have a profound effect on circadian rhythms. Yes, having to deal with monthly cramps, bloating and all the discomfort that comes with monthly cycles including sore breasts can be highly detrimental to achieving the truly restful and rejuvenating sleep that everyone needs in order to regain and retain the benefits of youth.

There is one thing to consider when it comes to people who tend to attempt to get sleep during the day and that is the fact that those who tend to sleep to any degree during the day often have more trouble getting to sleep at night because of what is often referred to as a bi-furcated sleep cycle. This simply means that people in this situation tend to become accustomed to shortened sleep cycles and this can lead to shortened periods of REM sleep, which is critical to the psychological and physical rejuvenation that comes with it.

Another intensely important factor in getting the proper amount and type of sleep is the state of a person's sex life. Yes, there are numerous studies which have shown in many ways that a healthy sex life is critical to being able to get the sleep that we all need.

Still, another issue which plagues many people is their dependence on artificial stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine. The long history of smoking and coffee use has been well-documented all around the world and there is little doubt that they have a great effect on a user's ability to fall asleep and stay asleep long and deep enough to achieve the needed benefits. The fact here is that caffeine can linger significantly in the system for as long as eight hours, so watching the amount and the timing of your caffeine and nicotine intake is crucial.

Finally, no one can talk about what it takes to get a great night's sleep without talking about getting the right kind of exercise and in the amounts needed to help the body get into the kind of state that will allow it to shut down the way it needs to when it comes time to get the sleep that everyone needs. If you are a sufferer of a lack of sleep then getting the right kind and the right amount of proper sleep.

The Role Of Stress And The Ability To Stay Young

As discussed earlier, there are many factors that can have a detrimental effect on getting the right kind of sleep but one of the most overlooked aspects in this discussion has to do with the state of a person's emotional well-being. Although the inner workings of the brain remains a mystery in many ways, there are a number of things that we do know and one of them is that having a positive outlook on life and a sense that they are safe and secure can have a hugely positive effect on their ability to get to sleep and stay asleep. This then allows the body and brain to reach the required state where it can gain the benefits we all need.

On the other hand, people who may be dealing with the effects of mental states such as those brought on by non-clinical depression, anxiety and even loneliness have an even more difficult time achieving their sleep goals. Unfortunately, there are many people who fail to recognize these types of issues and do not consult with physicians who might recognize it. This means that there are millions of people all around the world who have little chance of getting the help that they need and the sleep that can help with that.

For those of us who happen to be fortunate enough to recognize that something is wrong there are many steps which can be taken to help deal with these issues. They include consideration of joining in activities known to help such as meditation or other mindfulness exercises. Some may want to turn to other practices such as prayer. Some people turn to activities which are more social interactions with friends and family that can elevate one's overall mood. Still, others tend to turn to activities which stimulate the mind and improve their overall sense of self. Yet, one thing that has been shown to work in the other direction is when some people tend to overstimulate their minds just prior to the point where they are going to try to get to sleep. One of the prime examples of this can be seen by people who try to go to sleep while watching television. What happens here is that the mind tends to become engaged with the media and fights off the internal call to sleep.

Staying Youthful Through Sleep And Ways To Make That Happen

One could examine the issues that cause sleep issues and the detrimental effects it can have on health and the power of the mind and body to keep us all looking, acting and feeling younger than many of our peers who don't do what it takes to achieve these goals. What should be focused on is the fact that many of the issues are very difficult to overcome and this is the reason why so many sufferers are turning more and more to sleep aids. The problem with that is the fact that many if not all of the options provided by the pharmaceutical industry tend to be very powerful and come with a lot of issues including numerous side effects and even addictive qualities. This has led to a great rise in the marketing of all-natural sleep aids.

The main thing to understand about the rise of all-natural sleep aids is that they are generally designed to help the body, especially those who are well into their adult years, replenish many of the natural chemicals that they naturally produce on their own but tend to lose as their bodies start to slow down as they age. In general, these products have proven to be quite effective without also coming with many of the known side effects and addictive qualities known to be associated with pharmaceutical offerings.

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