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Strivectin-SD Stretch Mark Cream Retail Price: $134.95
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Rated: 3  (Total: 5 Reviews)

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3 (Out of 5 Reviews)


Strivectin-SD claims to be a Botox solution but...

Strivectin-SD claims to be a Botox solution but the stuff is no better than a mild lotion! I should have realized that Strivectin-SD was a bit dicey. Well, I now know that the hype surrounding Strivectin-SD is just that hype. At $135 dollars a tube I am more than a little livid about the fact that this didn't work for me. Now I have to start my search all over again.


I used Strivectin-SD on my face and it broke me out.

Has anyone else experienced a red rash on their face and neck? I used Strivectin SD on my face and it broke me out. I stopped using it days ago but the rash still persists. My sister told me to put oatmeal on it to heal it up. I have looked but can't seem to find a review regarding the rash. I recommend any who uses this product test a small area on their face or neck to be sure they are not allergic. I sure wish I had done this!


I put Strivectin-SD on my stretch marks and my hips...

I put Strivectin-SD on my stretch marks and my hips just got itchy and red. I didn't rash up like another reviewer who posted did, however, the itching became unbearable. I stopped using it and the inflammation went down within a few days. I am pissed. $135 dollars down the tubes, no pun intended. Thanks for nothing.


Strivectin-SD Simply Does Not Work

I am just wondering where all the supposed satisfied customers are that use Strivectin-SD? I've read a few reviews about Strivectin and people say it simply does not work. I was very hesitant about trying a cream claimed to not only get rid of wrinkles but to diminish stretch marks as well. I should have trusted my instincts. Talk about losing faith in humanity.


Strivectin-SD Sucks!

I think I figured out what the SD in Strivectin-S.D. stands for. It stands for "Sorry Dummies!" I bought this product and yeah, I suppose if I had done more research I would have learned that there were a lot of dissatisfied customers out there, but I guess I was so set on getting rid of my stretch marks that I just didn't think. Now I am $135 dollars poorer and I still have stretch marks. Bummer.