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Make Ketosis More Powerful With THIS Secret Weapon

For most of human history, scientists and medical experts have been asking themselves: what do humans need to eat in order to lose weight and be healthy? Is it about macronutrients, or micronutrients? Are the vegetarians eating the healthiest diet possible? What about the vegans? And if humans weren't meant to eat meat as part of a healthy, balanced diet, why do we have anatomical similarities to omnivorous creatures?

The more we learn about how the body works, the harder it gets to answer this question. Lately, people think that a ketogenic diet is the best way to lose weight and keep yourself as healthy as possible. But as it turns out, when and how you eat your food can I have a pretty big influence, too. It's called Time Restricted Eating, and supporters of it think that when you combine TRE with low carb diets like keto, you can experience weight loss and health benefits beyond what either diet promises to do on its own.

What Is Time Restricted Eating (TRE)?

Time restricted eating means that you restrict how many hours out of a given day you allow yourself to eat your meals. A good example would be "you can't start eating before 9:00 AM, and you have to stop eating by 7:00 PM". This would give you a 14-hour window between 7:00 PM and 9:00 AM the next morning where your body would be in a fasted state. Some scientists and doctors believe that when the body is in a fasted state, it triggers a series of biological processes which, to make a long story short, help you burn off body fat and make you healthier.

Yes, this can be hard to accept for a lot of people. After all, it flies in the face of a lot of the logic and advice that food companies, fitness "experts", and even some governments have been giving people for decades. But if you sit down and think about it, constantly eating throughout the day would have been impossible for our ancestors to do. The human race would have died out millennia ago if we had actually needed four to six small meals per day just to survive. So by following a similar eating pattern to the one mankind naturally evolved to eat over thousands of years, you're essentially priming your body for survival. Obviously, we've come so far as a species that actually starving to death isn't much of a threat anymore; so "survival" in a modern day context is just another way of saying "slim, trim, and healthy".

TRE Keto Weight Loss

How Does TRE Compared to The Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet and Time Restricted Eating are very different. TRE doesn't have any rules set in stone about what you are supposed to eat, just when you're supposed to eat it. Keto, on the other hand, is all about your macronutrient profile. While on The Ketogenic Diet, people are encouraged to consume most of their calories from healthy sources of fat. Fish, nuts, and dairy products from grass-fed animals are popular examples. Those are also the sources you are encouraged to get your protein from, along with other high-protein whole foods. Finally, you are allowed to eat some carbohydrates on The Ketogenic Diet, but in very small amounts. They should only come from vegetables, fruits, or minimally processed whole grains.

There is no time restriction with regard to when or how you consume your calories on a ketogenic diet. The hard focus on consuming a great deal of healthy fats and limiting your carbohydrate intake is by design. It teaches your body to consume a healthier fuel (fat) and to stop depending on carbohydrates for energy. Once your body starts doing so, it'll start running off of its own stored fat. Your belly fat will be the first to go, which will help protect against things like heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. So not only are you losing the weight you want to lose, but you're improving your long-term health at the same time.

Combining Keto and TRE

Let's start by dispelling one pervasive, yet false bit of "conventional wisdom" right now: fasting is not, has never been, and never will be the same thing as literally starving. In the long-term, yes, going without food will make your body preserve its stored fat and eat away at your lean body mass. However, that can take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks to actually kick in. On the other hand, short-term fasting will actually prompt your body to do the opposite. This is because your fat cells are a source of cleaner, healthier, more efficient energy than your muscles.

When your body is fueled by fat instead of sugar and carbs, it makes your mind sharper and gives you a ton of energy. From an evolutionary perspective, this helped our ancestors find food whenever they actually got hungry. In modern times, it can help you perform better both at the office and in the gym. So when you combine The Ketogenic Diet with TRE, you give yourself the ability to maximize your fat burning potential for not just weight loss, but also better health and wellness.

How to Combine TRE With a Ketogenic Diet

Switching from a high-carb, non-restricted diet to a low-carb, restricted feeding diet overnight can be an atomic-level shock to your system. It's a much better idea to transition into one new diet first and then gradually blend the two. That way, you won't have to experience the unpleasant symptoms of the "keto flu" alongside the "hangry" mood swings you will likely get when you restrict the amount of time you have to eat during the day. Taking a slow and steady approach is the best way to win the race against an expanding waistline.

If you've read this far, then you're probably giving a combined TRE and ketogenic diet some strong consideration. If you're hesitant, though, make it easier on yourself by purchasing an effective ketogenic supplement! There are some high quality diet pills out there which are specifically designed to help people who are interested in putting their body into ketosis. When you combine them with the fat burning potential of time restricted eating, your results will be out of this world. Learn more.

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